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Student volunteer

"When I heard about a local organization going out of their way to ensure the physical health of young athletes or minors in general, I couldn't help but find a way to get involved. The screenings almost always took place on a Saturday at different medical facilities around where I live, so not only did it serve as an active way where I could help the people in my community, but also a great weekend adventure! I had volunteered at other organizations, including the local library and a dog shelter, but the mission of the Championship Hearts Foundation spoke to me in a way no other group could.


I learned about the Championship Hearts Foundation a few years back when I first started to play sports. I went to get my heart screened as I already faced cough-variant asthma and wanted to keep myself aware of any other pre-existing conditions. After going through the screening process myself and seeing all of the wonderful faces of the volunteers, it became apparent that I too could be a part of the program.


Meeting and working with such a variety of people with different tasks at every event, all with different backgrounds, taught me that unique stories exist within every individual I come across and each one can be helped in a different way. I met people, college students, lawyers, business professionals, everyday people with existing heart conditions, and every one of them had a beautiful story of their own.


I was surprised to find out that there is so much more that goes into the heart screening process than just echocardiograms. I had numerous jobs while volunteering there, from keeping track of donations, to measuring the height and weight of attendees, to taking blood pressure and so much more. 


The one thing I enjoyed most about volunteering for the Championship Hearts Foundation was seeing the smile on people's faces as they made it through the process. It is truly a wonderful feeling to hear the words, "thank you for taking the time to volunteer today." More often than not, I was engaged in deep conversations about the lives of those getting screened. It was not simply a job, but a wonderful life experience that has resonated within me and inspired me to continue connecting with others in the same way I did at the events." 

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